• Yoga for Weight Loss: What you need know to succeed (Part 2)

    Can Yoga work for weight loss? From the ‘Breath of Fire’ exercise to the sun exercises, to the specific poses, learn how to execute each Yoga exercise when seeking to lose weight through this ancient, yet effective, form of physical culture.
  • Yoga for Weight Loss: What you need to know to succeed (Part 1)

    Think Yoga for weight loss is impractical? Well, your opinion on that might change after you read this. When used right (and incorporating all its limbs just as in conventional exercise) Yoga DEFINITELY can help you lose weight and did I mention the positive effects on your mental and spiritual health?
  • How to Start Doing Yoga from the Comfort of Your Own Home

    Are you thinking about how to start yoga? If so, it’s likely because you’ve heard a great deal about the benefits yoga can bring into your life. That includes its overall ease to learn and that nearly anyone can do it. The key question many people have, though, is how to actually get started...
  • Meditation as a Health and Spiritual Exercise

    According to Buddhism, a person can reach “Nirvana” or the highest state of enlightenment through continuous meditation and by participating in the Buddha's daily service, among other things. Through time, many people have benefited from the practice of meditation...
  • Yoga and Weight Loss

    While someone might temporarily lose a few pounds with a "diet", diets are not successful when it comes to permanent weight loss and healthy weight loss. 

    As they say, I have some good news and some bad news...

  • Yoga Your Way to Physical and Mental Fitness

    Although considered by many simply as an exercise fad, yoga practice has in fact helped millions of people in improving their physical and mental fitness...